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2017 will be great!
A real networking and business development experience.

Don't just stand around watching- Do something!

Well, we’ve done it.  We’ve managed to alienate one another beyond belief.  Republicans/Democrats.  Government Bureaucrats/Tax-Paying Citizens. Tea party Members/People with Common Sense (I had to do that!).  Employers/Employees….

Too many employers have cut beyond the bone- and are expecting the remaining employees to work double time for no change in wages.  Employees are scared s……s to leave.  But, even though the economy is improving (now, we just need everyone to feel the relief- numbers don’t change psychology), we need to re-adjust to the new normal and grow from here.  Employers are going to have to pay more- because they need people to be able to buy their products.  Employees are going to have to adjust to the fact that the standards of living are different- and lower.  We can’t spend money we don’t have- at the citizen level, at the employee level, at the leadership level, or at the government level.  So, what do we do?

First of all, we MUST focus on RESULTS.  That does not mean pie in the sky objectives, but real numbers.  We need to make a profit- period.  We need to pay for performance- period.  That means employees, owners, officers, government, EVERYBODY.    We need to get the job done.  Forget about the old schedules, pay grades, seniority- and care about results and attitude. 

Secondly, we must recognize that we are NOT omnipotent- as a country or as a company.  Competition was always an issue- now, it’s the norm- and it will increase from across the street, across the pond, and across the glove. We must consider real choices- do we spend money on furniture- or bonuses?  Do we buy more office supplies or trucks?   Forget the same categories and deal with the bottom line.  A few years ago, we talked (no one seemed to listen J) about sun-setting and zero- based budgeting.  Stop talking- and do it – now.  You will become the most competitive entity in the marketplace. 

Third, examine the assumptions you live by.  The sure thing is…. NOT!  Toyota is tops in quality?  Hyundai makes terrible cars?  (I have a bridge for you in Alaska if you still believe this.)  Question all your assumptions- rebuild your thinking to match reality.  And, make sure your reality is where you live.

Fourth, marketing is not what someone else does.  You need to market yourself, your company, and your vision.

Finally, DO IT NOW!  The economy has shifted- and the opportunities are flowing.  Herd your opportunities, now.




The Adjuvancy, LLC

 Post Office Box 25766

Alexandria, Virginia 22313



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