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Axioms for the 21st Century

Technology has social consequences 

Without getting into a debate about the military-industrial complex and its affects, let us just deal with our own lives- business, legal, medical.  As we develop new medical innovations (take our own involvement in the improvement of dialysis, oxygenators, inline analyzers), people were able to live longer, have better recoveries, etc.  However, in many of these cases, their costs and societal costs increased dramatically.  Or, the development of electronic health care records will lead to better health care, but perhaps even more impersonalization of the delivery to patients.  Legal management systems may improve the ability of attorneys to deal with their issues, but the billing process will change from per personnel-hour to (higher) indirect costs.  Or, when all of our information (credit, medical, etc.) is available to vendors (from credit reports, health care systems, government data bases), our privacy is diminished.   

Social organizations affect technology 

Doctors and clinics adopt health care information systems based upon the makeup of their staff and administration.  Companies adopt the use of email and workflow systems if their management uses it.  Our desire to have fool-proof (?) elections and quicker results is driving the computerization of voting (we then find there are new problems with that, of course).  Our rush to do more with less is also forcing local, state, and federal governments to provide more information and services via the web.  (Remember the advertisement that shows a woman paying ten bills in the time it takes to fill up her bathtub?) 

As such, Sociotechnological Systems, not just Technology, need to evolve 

This is also not a new phenomenon.  Industrial design and human factors engineering have been professional inputs to creative product/process development since early in the last century.  We have developed water treatment and reuse systems, toilets, instrumentation, with significant input from our industrial designers.  When we analyze companies and situations, we perform holistic analyses, to insure the proper solution.  Business Process Engineering (true, not downsizing masquerading as same) involves the analysis and improvement of the sociotechnology of the enterprise.




The Adjuvancy, LLC

 Post Office Box 25766

Alexandria, Virginia 22313



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