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It's time to change- and time to plan-  Objectives

The difference between our firm and conventional financial advisors.

Both of us are usually the most trusted business advisors to their clients.  However, CPA’s are not as adept in innovation and change management- both of which are more critical in times like these.

Our vocabulary is different.  CPAs love words such as consolidate, analyze, defer, shrink, eliminate, cut.  These are short-term focused words. Our efforts are aimed at increasing value- all longer term focus.  We provide leadership, creativity, and long-term relations. 

Rolf Smith (The Seven Levels of Change) deals with these issues.

Level 1- effectiveness.  This means Doing the Right Things.    A responsible, sentient review will insure that one is effective in achieving goals.

Level 2- efficiency.  This means Doing the Right Things Right.  This requires ongoing adjustments to insure that one’s efforts match the goals desired.

Level 3- improving.  This means Doing Things Better. This gets a little trickier- one needs a plan and a tracking system- to insure that one is improving.  Most smaller enterprises resist planning.  As such, improving becomes “hit or miss”.  It also renders the definition of efficiency more difficult to discern.

Level 4- cutting.  This means Stop Doing Things.  This is typically the highest bailiwick for CPAs.  While the first three levels are management skills and this one requires both management and leadership, it does NOT require creativity or a long term focus.

Level 5- copying.  This means Doing Things Other People are Doing.  Now, you can say that CPAs do provide some guidance in this area.  But, the trick is to copy what the best are doing- and being creative in changing what they are doing so it applies to your needs.  We study and are involved in a variety of industries and enterprises and routinely examine all facets of operations and planning to insure that the best components are chosen for each client.  This means you have to share and employ external resources.  That is part of the definition of an Adjuvancy.

Level 6- different.  This means Doing Things Others are NOT Doing.  This is a totally different mindset. It not only requires you to examine what others are doing in similar situation (but not necessarily in similar industries) and determine what you can do differently (and better) to achieve the success you want.  (And, this means you have to have a plan- how else can you determine what is success?) 

Level 7- impossible.  This means Doing Things That Can’t Be Done.  I admit, not every company or enterprise is willing to be involved in Level 7 change.  But, if you do, our previous efforts prove that we master this area well.  And, even if you don’t want Level 7 change, you want our leadership and advise tempered to your needs- to insure that your Level 6 change is just that little bit better.

One’s ability to create and develop value requires experience, confidence, skills, and a team.  We work with you to insure that each member of your team is aligned with the goals set forth- and they can develop the skills necessary to continue to create value.  We fill in for you- if you want- to provide that experience, skill, and team building that may currently be lacking. 

The formula for success is a combination of planning, people, and process- they yield performance.  (The study of this is called “performance management”).  CPAs will tell you that technology accelerates improved performance and is significant for most levels of change.  That is true- TO A POINT. Technology is JUST a tool.  One needs a clear set of goals and expectations.  If you computerize or automate an inefficient system, you just have a faster inefficient system.  One needs to understand the underlying system processes- changing them if necessary- to achieve cost-reductions, improvements, and value.  That is another of our major bailiwicks.

So what would be the plan of action?

  1.  Develop a 200 word or less strategic plan.  Core values, mission, vision, objectives, success measurements, initiatives are all covered in this section.  You also need due dates and assigned management..

  2. Determine the skill set available and needed.  Obtain the skills necessary to achieve the plan.

  3. Set quarterly plans.  For the first quarter or two, meet monthly to assess progress, failings, and modifications needed.  Thereafter, conduct 90 day performance/accountability reviews.

  4. Discuss current dangers, opportunities and strengths with clients and customers.  (This not only can produce new revenue, but strengthen relationships).

  5. Implement technology to do more with fewer people.  Revenue/employee must increase.



The Adjuvancy, LLC

 Post Office Box 25766

Alexandria, Virginia 22313



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